The Canada Pakistan Friendship Association-CPFA is a community and social organization committed to supporting needs in our community and local development. We are a membership based organization that includes member from all across Ontario province.


To transform and unite the entire community through the power of friendship, with admirable leadership as a governing body in every characteristic of conducting community services to its utmost values.

We call on all community members to support our organization, which requires mutual friendship and cooperation to accomplish our vision.

At Canada Pakistan Friendship Association’s platform, we pledge our dedication to serve the communities regardless of age, gender, colour, religion, culture or race.


The mission of Canada Pakistan Friendship Association is to promote harmonious, effective, multicultural society in Canada and providing the upfront information to the community by increasing communication and building bridges of understanding between different cultural groups, institutions and community.



  • Promote the practice of developing and fostering community spirit.
  • Promote career, cultural activities, sports and heritage events.
  • Provide a facility for visiting delegates, exchange students and other prominent members of friendly countries.
  • Provide the necessities of life to survivors of natural disasters by forming helpful organizations in both Canada and Pakistan.
  • Improve the quality of life of the underprivileged within Canada and Pakistan.
  • Develop and deliver education and training programs to the less fortunate in Canada and Pakistan.
  • We call on all community members to support our Organization, which requires mutual friendship and co-operation to accomplish our visions.